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18 year old nerd in the middle of nowhere :) I am currently starting my first year of college and in my opinion, officially starting my new and better life. This blog is for the updates on my silly little life, and all things I love like Jane Austen, Disney, superheroes, and any other random things that just make me all warm and fuzzy inside... Or feed my scary obsessions. :) Love to you all!

Weight Loss Week Two:


Week Update:

So I barely hung on this first week. I did a lot more walking, cut down on how much I ate, but I would be lying to say it was all great. I did slip a little here and there in the calorie intake, but thankfully I managed to lose three pounds this week, as small as it is I am super happy. It means something is working. ^__^ Well this was gonna be short, goodnight! <3

1 year ago
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